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Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...

David Nielsen wrote:

My apologies, when I see redhat.com in 9 out of 10 cases this means
employee at least that is the historical outlook on things like this.

Not for Fedora. There are about a dozen full time Fedora contributors. Rest of us have other work to do as our job.

Just a side question since you aren't a Red Hat employee, why weren't
you given a fedoraproject.org account - not that it's any of my business
but that would make more sense.. I guess IT works in mysterious ways

Who said she wasnt? Everybody who signs up for a Fedora account automatically gets a @fedoraproject.org address.

This isn't a community project? Diana hasn't made all the icon source files available, set up a wiki page for people to contribute easily, invited people to comment and help work on it, and we haven't been discussing the issue of icon artwork publicly on this list for months?

And I gave comments, specific feedback.. show me one mail that did not
contain valid concerns.

So you expresssed valid concerns and they were accepted since they were already known issues. Please tell me what aspect of this project you dont consider a community one?

Doer, yes please any opinion I hold does not matter because I have yet
to learn Inkscape. It's not about being loud, it's about the treatment
of special use cases. I still believe that disregarding vision defects
and general poor eyesight will be a problem for Echo and I don't believe
the solution is assigning blame but listening to peoples concerns just

You have expressed this concern about a dozen times now. Not really necessary to repeat this so much.

Why would I need specific SVG knowledge to be useful, I have experience
dealing with handicapped people and it seems that any such input or
concern is not welcomed without SVG skills..

Comments are welcome. Contributions are just welcome even more. We all know that.

if that is what it takes
then by all means I'll install Inkspace and come back in 2 years when I
figure out how to use it. Will you listen to concerns about general
design concepts then?

Yes having the required skills adds much more real weight to the comments otherwise we are prone to recommend strategies that simply doesnt work. For example you called the top down approach flawed while it is the recommended approach in many cases.


And I produced feedback within hours of first being pointed to the work
that had already been done, I believe the first time this got a lot of
publicity was when Rahul posted about it either in his blog or on
fedora-devel, I'm somewhat fuzzy on the details right now sadly. I did
however ask the basicly same questions citing Tango and Bluecurve as
things that worked well in general cases and expressed concern that
those aspects of the current design did not get discarded.

Yes, I did blog about it but not sure how much publicity it generated. As far as I can see the only major concern that you have with this theme is at small sizes it doesnt look good and affects usability which is important for visually impaired users. If thats the only one, that is already expressed in several mails now.

It was not a complaint on the completeness of the theme, but I guess I
won't get far debating this any longer. I would have liked it if we sat
down to debate the requirements of a replacement for Bluecurve because
fundamentally Bluecurve caterred quite well to the group of people I am
talking about in addition to pretty much everyone else. Infact from what
I hear from users around me they really like Bluecurve, many even
install Bluecurve in other distros specifically because they like it so

Many people screamed murder too. ESR slammed down the FC5 background and theme you seem to like so much for example. So we have a very vocal set of users either way. The useful parts of the conversation seems to be long since over by now.


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