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Re: Preview of new scaled down icons (was Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...)

I thought at 24x24, the perspective and shadow still held pretty well. I've attached a portion of the screenshot mockups I've posted earlier to the wiki. It is the earlier version to assess the feasibility of the project. From David Neilsen's emails about sizes, I thought maybe the 24x24 should be simplified as well...but...as I look back and forth between the two...I'm not really convinced. I might also be staring at this stuff for much too long so...I'll just post the other version here for discussion. My feedback on the matter is...24x24 should remain in perspective, 16x16 definitely simplified and "flat". However there are also 18 and 22 sizes...22 are usually used in the panel area. In the attached mockup are also a few 22x22 icons on the upper right area of the panel. Dunno...I think they look ok as well. Maybe the break down point is then at 18?

Joachim Frieben wrote:
Flat perspective at 24 pixels seems a bit exaggerated to me. The "Bluecurve"
icons work very nicely without this restriction. At 16 pixels however, that
is probably the way to go.

Attached is a preview of some of the work I've been doing redrawing the
icons with a flat perspective in a 24x24 pixel grid. The icons that
have not been scaled down in this mock are the 'Internet' and
'Add/Remove  Software' icons.

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