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Re: Names for icons that are not on the Tango list...

Thanks...I think for now, I'll just name it as you have there. I was thinking that it might have a "battery-" prefix...but I guess that is easy enough to change once more of the naming spec is decided on. I'll also supply the battery-caution/low to satisfy those slots as well. Richard could you send us a note if/when names are decided/changed and if more battery states are added?


David Zeuthen wrote:
On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 08:01 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
Lastly...I've made battery icons for PowerManager but the naming scheme is nowhere to be found on Tango. I was pointed to [3] but the names seems different to what might fit in the Tango naming scheme.
Yes, I'm pretty sure Richard Hughes, g-p-m maintainer, will refuse to
cripple his software just becase the icon-naming-spec maintainer has
this odd idea that only 'battery-caution', 'battery-low' and 'battery'
should be used by g-p-m. I could be wrong (hope I'm not!), so I've Cc'ed
Richard on this mail - Richard, can you confirm that g-p-m will stick to
the gpm-* icons you already use?
Ohh yes. I ship tango-style icons by default, but don't touch the ones
in the icons naming spec. There just isn't enough power icons in the
spec. The g-p-m icons are all prefixed with gpm- for clarity.

For reference, these are the icons I use:

Thanks for the quick reply Richard!


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