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Re: Preview of new scaled down icons (was Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...)

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Diana Fong wrote:
The ones I had uploaded were...dialog-cancel/close/ok...of the "Action Icons" category. All Action Icons should be of a straight on perspective.

Is this guideline anywhere on the page? Is this a Tango guideline? Can we link to it or add a note about it? What other icon types need straight-on for 24 x 24?

It's not a Tango guideline...at least I don't remember reading it on their site. I did note it in my very first message in the "New Icon Set...[echo]..." email https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2006-August/msg00010.html Sure, feel free to add a link/note about it. I did not have a hard rule for any of the other 24x24 icon types...Originally I had thought that the emotion icons would be straight on...but they're circular...so it's pretty much a circle regardless...I think what Luya has done is pretty good in terms of perspectives. Maybe the weather ones...I dunno...it might work to flatten the 24 but I can't really say till I've either made or see someone make a few...so far I only have pieces: sun, clouds, one rain drop, and a snow flake...still playing around with it.

Lastly...emblems...was thinking about this recently...would like some feedback when the .tar goes out this week. Right now the emblems created are at an angle...but should not be difficult to convert if we find that it doesn't work. I will be posting them in a bit.


This does not mean that all 24x24 are going with the straight on perspective. I still believe that the perspective view still holds pretty well at 24x24.

With retouching. IIRC the outcry on this list was from people having installed the icons via package, not from seeing them in the mockup.


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