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Re: Fedora Artwork

Steve Barnhart wrote:
I personally do not prefer the "bubbly" theme introduced in recent
versions of Fedora and am not immediately fond of the artwork path the
Fedora team seems to be taking. To me it seems to be departing away
from the regular/old redhat-artwork team which imo is a bad thing. I
liked bluecurve when it first came out and many people did, but in any
way it did create A LOT of attention onto Redhat. It was a nice and
professional theme and still looks pretty good today except for the
use of grey and "blah" buttons.

How do you use Fedora? Do you use it in a professional context? Can you give some rationale here?

The icon theme though is still nice and the artwork (GDm theme, splash
screen etc.) shown in RHEL4 is more of the kind of stuff I would like
to see instead of the "kiddish" kind of look Fedora seems to be taking

How do you feel about this: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2006-August/msg00027.html

I believe many want a professional looking distro and
Redhat/Fedora was/is that

What evidence do you have to support this claim? How do you use Fedora?

 and I would like if perhaps we could take
some different directions in the artwork again, perhaps more in tune
to what RHEL team does. I have looked at the new icon theme (Echo) and
I think I like it and I even like the Bluecurve GDM theme shipped
w/FC5 as well as the splash screen for GNOME.

The GDM theme shipped with FC5 was not Bluecurve, neither was the splash screen. You can see screenshots of what shipped with FC5 here:


Its the bubbily/light
blue theme and such that is in the new release that I do not like.
Hopefully we can discuss this more.

Sure. If you can give some rationale here and even better, give some suggestions/examples of what you'd like to see (besides the RHEL/Fedora 4 and lower examples), that would be very helpful.


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