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Re: Fedora Artwork

Steve Barnhart wrote:
How do you feel about this:

its actually not bad...I'd MUCH prefer that as the default wallpaper
over the light blueish look of the one shipped.

How about these two mockups:


If you like the way these are looking I can work on them a bit more and at least make them available as GDM themes for Fedora if not the default.

I have been thinking about making a whole themed set of the DNA stuff though. I don't know that anybody else is working on or thinking about the FC6 default theme.

> Its the bubbily/light
> blue theme and such that is in the new release that I do not like.
> Hopefully we can discuss this more.

Sure. If you can give some rationale here and even better, give some
suggestions/examples of what you'd like to see (besides the RHEL/Fedora
4 and lower examples), that would be very helpful.

I guess I'd like to see Fedora shy away from the bubbles (I like the
'F' logo though w/out the bubbles) and light blues scattered
throughout the distro (and grub themes) back to the darker blues that
Fedora used to use. I really like the Gilouche theme (shown here:

That is pretty nice. We could probably develop some artwork in that vein using Fyre.

> I guess its hard to clearly define what I like
without showing stuff from RHEL 4 because frankly, the artwork was
fantastic as shown here (except for the greys of the old bluecurve as
stated before):

See, to me, this looked great a couple of years ago or so, but it also looks very dated at this point. Bluecurve is a very old theme. We need to move on so we aren't stuck in the past.


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