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Re: Fedora Artwork

How about these two mockups:


The first one isnt that bad except I would rather the username
"bubble" be flat like in the themes before it. Also may look better
with the darker blue like in the dna background u showed me, but I'd
have to seee it. I like it though for the most part.

That is pretty nice. We could probably develop some artwork in that vein
using Fyre.

That would be very cool.

 > I guess its hard to clearly define what I like
> without showing stuff from RHEL 4 because frankly, the artwork was
> fantastic as shown here (except for the greys of the old bluecurve as
> stated before):
> http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=302&slide=34&title=red+hat+enterprise+linux+4+screenshots

See, to me, this looked great a couple of years ago or so, but it also
looks very dated at this point. Bluecurve is a very old theme. We need
to move on so we aren't stuck in the past.

Of course, the bluecurve theme (besides the blue and the "progress
bar", and icons which r they only things I especially liked) looks
very outdated especially with the greys...I typically dont like any
theme now that uses grey. Even Windows has gone away with that so I'm
glad to see themes that get rid of it also. But I do still find
Redhat's logos/branding besides the theme to still be visually


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