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Re: Names for icons that are not on the Tango list...

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
What are format-justify-last-right used for? Following the regular naming scheme I feel format-justify-left-last fits better, as a theme can then fall back on format-justify-left if it misses format-justify-left-last. (I guess that is how it should work, not sure if it currently does).

Hi Andreas,

Ah thanks! I wasn't quite sure. The format-justify-last-right...is basically when your text is justified with the last line aligned right. To me, it's a bit different than justify-fill...which means that the whole paragraph is justified even if the last line only has three words...looks a bit goofy when three words take up the whole width of a page. =) Just thought I'd include it if a text editor might need it. But yes, your suggested names make much more sense.

I think I read somewhere that the name "firewire" is trademarked, so perhaps it's wiser to use the name ieee1394 (I think that is the correct name). <http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/I/IEEE_1394.html>
Ok...Is USB ok?

The common metaphors list is a bit dated (and some of the names are wrong due to spec-changes), as no one has taken responsibility for that in a while. Anyone up for the job?
Icon-naming-spec on fd.o is up to date though.
Ok, will use the fd.o list for now. For additional icons, should the names be submitted to the XDG mailing list or tango-artists list?

Lastly...I've made battery icons for PowerManager but the naming scheme is nowhere to be found on Tango. I was pointed to [3] but the names seems different to what might fit in the Tango naming scheme.
You should probably use the names powermanger use, I think Richard used the gpm-prefix as the icons were pretty app-specific, and it would be a bit weird to have those in a spec.

Yup...That looked like the way to go.


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