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Re: Testing out the theme

On Mon, 14 Aug 2006 10:59:14 -0400, Diana Fong wrote:

> Hi Leon...
> I'm currently using Illustrator to create the icons and when I save as
> .svg, some characteristics don't seem to carry over when opened in
> Inkscape.  Mostly it's the blending options that do not translate
> well.  Example: I've found with the icons that have "paper file"
> images in them is that one of the layer did not adopt the "Multiply"
> Blending option I gave it and so instead of letting the image behind
> that layer show through, the gradient is to a solid white.  Inkscape,
> on the other hand has the ability to gradient to transparency and so
> by setting the white to transparent (and tweaking the middle grays) it
> will look more like the .png. 
> I'll fix the Utillities-terminalL.svg icon.
> Diana

I see. Does Illustrator supports exporting to plain svg? It's more


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