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Re: Fedora-art-list Digest, Vol 5, Issue 24

Diana Fong wrote:

Yup, I think your modifications of these icons have made them better each time I see your updates. I'd like to work with you to tweak it a bit to fit in with the set's color and whatnot. I was thinking something like the attached EmoteB.png (with a darker blue face and a dark blue mouth instead of the harsh black). I've also quickly modified the color for a "classic yellow" one as Nicu suggested above. No strong preference...though if we do go with a yellow...I'd like to see a darker yellow -> yellow orange coloring.

So far the dominant colors in Echo are gray and blue, giving a somewhat cold look to the theme. IMO the emotes are about human feelings so I find more appropriate some warmer colors so the human seeing the emote would identify better with the emote. Probably yellow orange would be fine, but a little more orange than your emoteY.png.

Also, what do you think about getting rid of the white areas of the eyes for the smaller 16x16 size? I think by just using the darker part would make them more clear.

Definitely, no white area for 16x16 and make the black area larger (make the whole white area black)

ps. temporarily removed the nose cuz it doesn't show up on the smaller sizes...so thought i'd try it without the nose...hehe...what do you think?

Right, the nose is an unneeded detail (it does not contribute in any way to the specific emotion). Even at 48x48 was barely noticeable, so better without it.

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