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Re: Home folder icon

On 10/08/06, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:
It currently looks like the house icon is tilted back, leaning against
the folder. I think it would make more sense for such 'modifier'
subicons to have a straight-on perspective.

IMHO Nautilus / Konqueror etc file managers work well as they do it
flat on. It's kinda got a sticker slapped-on feel.

Unless one goes for just the house and no folder icon? Eventhough this
would lack the idea of a folder to keep stuff in, it's not like other
folders for the 'average' desktop user. That said, I'm a KDE user so
the big house icon is my preferred.
Get my drift?

That said, out of theose three, the home-1 (2/3) is my favourite as
the house fills the empty space, whereas the last looks like it's a
bit elongated.

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