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Re: Gnome splash Image

On Aug 18, 2006, at 5:16 PM, seawolf wrote:

If it's going to be dropped for GNOME then fair enough but for the KDE
users among us, I've done one to replace the bubbles: it's at

Cool! I added my feedback directly to the deviation.

BTW: can anyone tell me how to upload the source so one can use the
download link?

deviantart is kind of weird this way :)

when you upload the image, upload the svg (or a tar.gz or zip of the svg and some png versions, i like ding this sometimes if there are alternative forms) as the actual image, and upload the bitmap version as the preview. (yeh, it says the preview's gotta be 100x100 but the UI lies! :) )

that's how i attach my SVGs and other source work. *however* - if you upload a bitmap as the actual image rather than a non-bitmap filetype, you won't be able to attach a non-bitmap file later on. you'll have to create a new deviation and make sure you upload the source art in the first upload field.

Make sense? No, I didn't think so. ;) I still love DA! Let me now if still no luck.


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