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Re: Jiri's artwork

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Jiri posted some artwork to the list, got criticized for breaking threads and temporarily unsubscribed. Also, he is not very confident with his English language skills and somewhat reluctant to join the list again.

Jiri has a lot of talent and it is really ridiculous that he's been discouraged because of mailing list conventions he most likely wasn't aware of. Please, let's all try to be encouraging and friendly to any contributing artists, okay? Artists are sometimes not as technical as other folks and as such don't understand a lot of things technical folks take for granted such as the complexities of technical mailing list culture. The language barrier does not help either!

If anyone has any issues with this list, please feel free to bring them up with me as I'm moderator. If anyone has concerns about someone's potential 'violation' of email etiquette you can bring that to me as well.

Here are a few of his recent creations: http://juiceoff.8m.com/

These are fabulous.

I think he can use some encouragement from us and has potential to become a valuable contributor.

I agree!


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