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Re: Icon orientation

Hi Joachim...

Yes, Echo does face the opposite way of Bluecurve's direction. When I had first experimented with the perspective of the icons, the new direction made it more distinctive. As I have worked on it for the last 3 months, it seems less dramatic...probably because I stare at it everyday. If user testing show that the other orientation is more visually pleasing, I would not be opposed to flipping it later. While most icons can be flipped and used as is, there is a number that will need to be slightly altered for balance.


Joachim Frieben wrote:
Comparing the "Echo" icon set to the standard "Bluecurve" one, it pops to my
eyes that the perspective has changed from "left" to "right".
This is disturbing in the sense that the panel menus and the majority of the
panel icons are located in the left half of the screen. The current
orientation makes them "look away" from the user who is located on the axis
through the center of the screen.
Is there a reason why this change of perspective has been adopted? I for
myself would clearly appreciate that the icons were "looking towards" the
screen center which is achieved by fliping them about the vertical axis.
This operation would allow to make "Echo" consistent with "Bluecurve" in
this respect.

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