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Re: Fedora Art Background

That looks awesome!!

I had a quick play with it in inkscape,  feel free to take this and
run with it.. its far from finished.

Great work mate


On 8/29/06, Ifeoma Onuorah <onuorah_ifeoma yahoo com> wrote:
 Hello Everyone,

   This is my first time posting on the mailing list, though I have been on
it for a little while now. I am a graphic/ UI design intern at red hat. I
have done some UI work on the red hat website and very recently I made some
24x24 minimizations for the Fedora Echo Development Project. During my
internship I did a sketch of a possible background. It's still
pencil-to-paper, but if anyone had any suggestions, contributions or
anything about this please let me know.

Possible Fedora Art Background: Click here!


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