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Re: Testing out the theme

Máirín Duffy wrote:

I would argue (as others have a lot more loudly) that this really isn't ready to be a default icon theme (at least in its current state altho there's still *some* time) and its development seems to be at the detriment of the rest of the artwork. The rest of the artwork (GDM, wallpaper, etc) could have been ready easily....

...but the process by which one gets (non-icon) artwork into the distribution remains muddily-defined & mysterious despite the contributions of several community members. *Extremely* frustrating. Looks like we'll be stuck with Fedora bubbles again.

It should be relatively simple to file a patch against any particular package or talk to the relevant package maintainers and release engineering team if you need help.

The development processes itself need to be better documented and I will get to doing that ASAP. What have you tried so far and what exactly is frustrating?


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