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Re: Testing out the theme

On Tue, 2006-08-29 at 11:55 -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Rahul wrote:
> >> ...but the process by which one gets (non-icon) artwork into the 
> >> distribution remains muddily-defined & mysterious despite the 
> >> contributions of several community members. *Extremely* frustrating. 
> >> Looks like we'll be stuck with Fedora bubbles again.
> >>
> > It should be relatively simple to file a patch against any particular 
> > package or talk to the relevant package maintainers and release 
> > engineering team if you need help.
> I have and I've been told that package maintainers do not have final say 
> over what default artwork is approved for inclusion in their package.
> This is supposed to be a community distribution. This includes code and 
> artwork, right? Or am I just being a rabble rouser here?
> > The development processes itself need to be better documented and I will 
> > get to doing that ASAP. What have you tried so far and what exactly is 
> > frustrating?
> I started creating a theme as a potential default for FC6 which I 
> continue to receive extremely positive feedback on. Yet, there is no 
> formal process to submit it and get it 'approved' by whomever (within 
> RH's walls right now I guess - I would *love* for this to be something 
> the community had control over though, maybe the FAB or maybe a small 
> group of art community members could make a decision). So my artwork 
> sits there and I've given up on finishing & implementing everything in 
> time for FC6 because there's no sign/indication that my effort won't be 
> wasted (and frankly, I'm involved in other FOSS projects where, instead 
> of me struggling to get artwork in, I'm invited quite nicely to 
> contribute and my work is taken seriously. Can you guess where I'm 
> preferring to spend my time these days?)
> It's not really important to me *what* artwork gets in, quite frankly. I 
> think the stuff Ify and Andy have come up just within the past couple of 
> days is fabulous & far better than the DNA stuff I threw together. I 
> just strongly believe that community contributions aren't taken 
> seriously and they should be (and by taken seriously I mean actually 
> used in the distro!!)
> In summary, the process of getting artwork into a Fedora release *needs* 
> to be transparent & documented, and I think some community input needs 
> to be built into this process.


Don't get too frustrated... I suspect that there is a "vast silent
majority" of community members like myself who really dig your work.  I
am constantly amazed at the Good Stuff I see coming out of this project,
both in the Echo development process and the neat backgrounds, theme
elements, and such.  If you needed an "attaboy," consider it done!

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