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Re: Testing out the theme

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Rahul wrote:
It should be relatively simple to file a patch against any particular package or talk to the relevant package maintainers and release engineering team if you need help.

I have and I've been told that package maintainers do not have final say over what default artwork is approved for inclusion in their package.

Is not that easy like submitting a patch: consider two or more people submitting artwork proposals for the same thing, say the GDM theme. This is supposed to be art and the judgment is subjective, is not that easy to say this patch is bad and this another patch is good.
There is need for leadership and a clear process.

This is supposed to be a community distribution. This includes code and artwork, right? Or am I just being a rabble rouser here?

I think the Art project should have an internal process to select and propose look for a certain

It's not really important to me *what* artwork gets in, quite frankly. I think the stuff Ify and Andy have come up just within the past couple of days is fabulous & far better than the DNA stuff I threw together. I

Parenthesis: I generally like Andy's work and I find this particular image extremely shiny, but I don't get the metaphor.

just strongly believe that community contributions aren't taken seriously and they should be (and by taken seriously I mean actually used in the distro!!)

In summary, the process of getting artwork into a Fedora release *needs* to be transparent & documented, and I think some community input needs to be built into this process.

+10, agree completely, there is a huge need for a clear process.

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Open Clip Art Library: http://www.openclipart.org
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