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Re: New to the list - need advice

Nicu Buculei wrote:
John Baer wrote:
Hello All,

New to the list and need advice.

1. Is the font used to create the word "fedora" available? If so where
may I obtain it? If not, how may I reproduce it?

The font is a proprietary one, named Bryant2, is not possbile to redistribute it: http://www.processtypefoundry.com/typefaces/bryant2/index.html

I tried to reproduce it by tracing samples at a very high-resolution, is hard and I am not an expert in fonts.

It's probably best not to trace the Bryant font.
Mike Langlie did a search this morning and suggested...
"I looked and looked, and found some that I thought would be similar, but this is what I narrowed it down to. Still not a great substitute, but it has a few similar qualities. http://www.k-type.com/fontlexia.html "

If someone has time, perhaps go through sites like... http://1001freefonts.com/fonts/ and pick out ones that are similar to the one used in the logo? The FAQ on this site says:
Q : Are all the fonts on this website free?
A : The majority of fonts on this website are freeware, but a small percentage are shareware so if you decide to keep any shareware fonts please register them. Registration information can be found on the readme.txt file attached.

Not very knowledgeable about font legal issues...but seems ok to use?


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