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Re: New to the list - need advice

Hi Diana,

I am confused about the whole process of creating or contributin art to the Fedora project...
So is this a list of things that are in need of work? If so what is the theme?

Are there things that need to be developped from scratch?

Is there something that does not exist that needs to be created?

It's all very confusing... The reason I ask is that I want to contribute in a constructive manner... I do not want to simply create stuff that is not needed...


On 8/30/06, Diana Fong < dfong redhat com> wrote:
Welcome to Fedora Art

Help to the icon set would definitely be appreciated.

There are also other areas of the distro that would benefit from artwork
contribution...the background, log-in, booting, window theming,
screensaver...etc.  The links suggested in the last few days are all
relevant. =)  I guess, just pick something you're interested in.  If you
have questions/ideas, ask/post on the mailing list or on the IRC channel
and if you have mockups, post on the mailing list or fedora wiki.

Currently it's a bit free form but from the emails over the last few
days, perhaps more defined directions will emerge.

again...Welcome =)

spydrrrrr gmail com wrote:
> Is there a repository of artwork that needs to be worked on?
> Also what about the recurring graphic with the f inside the infinity
> symbol... is there a copy of it that we can use to incorporate in
> other artwork?

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