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Re: New to the list - need advice

Hi spydrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

spydrrrrr gmail com wrote:
Wow... Thanks for the info...

I had a couple of questions

On 8/30/06, *Máirín Duffy* <duffy redhat com <mailto:duffy redhat com>> wrote:

    Basically, here is how that works: if an icon is missing and nobody has
    claimed it (if its claimed it'll be colored in differently) then claim
    it by changing the BG color of the table row and start working on it,
    and upload it to that wiki page and send a note to the list when you're

Who gives me the rights to chage the background color?

Instructions on how to do this are outlined on the artwork wiki page:


    == Theme Artwork Work ==

    I had been working on a DNA theme for FC 6
    (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ThemeSubmissions/DNATheme) and I
    could use help in finishing this (There are slots for the pieces that
    are missing on the page) but I'm pretty much stuck on getting it
    actually in the distro and have yet to receive any information from
    those in power on how I could do this and it's pretty much too late for
    FC6 now. Maybe for FC7 or someday. If you'd like to help me work on
    for FC 7 let me know.

How do you even get it to the point of creating the theme? I mean do you just create a theme and send it to the list?
How do you know if it is even needed?

I guess my basic question is how do you know what is needed?

The idea is that with each new release of Fedora there's a new theme. For FC5 (and unfortunately FC6 as well) this is going to be the Fedora Bubbles theme.

So how do you know it's needed? Because a new release is in the pipeline.


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