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Re: New to the list - need advice

Hi spydrrrrrrrrrrr!

spydrrrrr gmail com wrote:
When I go to link I get the mail Fedora Art page... there I am already signed up on the Account System and I have been added as a contributor... there are not instructions for modifying the wiki this is the only instruction that I can find on the page: "Most submissions will be added to the wiki or through CVS. Ask on the mailing list or IRC if you have questions or would like suggestions"

Ah, there is http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/WikiEditing too, which is listed in the content area at the bottom of the first page of fedoraproject.org (I admit not easy to find!) We should definitely be linking to that guide as well in the Art team - specific instructions and we're not currently.

I am really not trying to be stupid here but I am feeling like the Arts project is a club that is not wanting to let other people help...???

LOL I know the feeling but that's totally not the case. We need you as an art team member!

Maybe this is a case of Moinmoin's interface sucking? (Because it does.) It sounds like we could certainly use post-account wiki modification & page creation tutorial with screenshots, let's try to debug your specific issue first.

Let's see...

So #1, are you logged into the fedoraproject.org wiki? If not... hmm I can't find a login page because I can't actually log out myself :) No logout button. Wow, that's crazy. So let's assume you're logged in and let me know if you're not. :)

#2, go to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork. What do you see? Here is what I see:


I highlighted the edit button you need to use if you want to edit a page.

Are you clicking on that edit button and getting an error? What's going on?


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