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More icon theme goodness

Hello all.  First let me introduce myself as the current maintainer of
the art packages at Red Hat.  I created the initial script for importing
the icons from the wiki.  I now have some newer tools to make the Echo
theme easier to test and manage.  They are still pretty rough around the
edges since I have been developing them for specific tasks but I hope to
get a git repo up in the next few days (depending on how long the Fedora
ticketing service is down) so people can fix things up with ease if they
so choose.

The first app is the echo_pull app which pulls the icons from the wiki.
It has been upgraded to incorporate Leon's script for creating the
legacy links and can also use the link.xml file output from the next
tool to create even more coverage from existing icons.  It also outputs
a dynamically generated index.theme file and places all of the icons in
a directory structure that can then be dumped in your ~/.icons directory
for fast testing.

The second app, gtk-icon-coverage-check is a general theme coverage
analyzer that in principle could be used to analyze coverage over any
theme though some of the code may be geared towards echo.  It gives a
two pane view of icons which can be filtered on a couple of criteria.
You can then go and use the link button to link an icon from the current
theme over an icon from the inherited themes.  Hitting the save button
outputs a link.xml file that can be used with the echo_pull app.

You can find these apps at http://people.redhat.com/johnp/files/echo/
right now.  I have also put up an Echo theme I created today.  Diana,
can you add that to the wiki?

The analyzer tool is great.  Going through it I noticed a lot of "low
hanging fruit" for those who want to make quick contributions.  A lot of
the icons have already been created and just need to be mixed and
matched to create new icons (like using the search icon on a folder to
create a search folder icon).  I think if we can finish what is on the
wiki and bust out these composite icons we will have excellent coverage
going forward.

John (J5) Palmieri <johnp redhat com>

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