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Re: Echo icon theme package

Thomas Canniot wrote:
Le mercredi 30 août 2006 à 21:50 +0100, Leon a écrit :
Dear all,

You can download from:


This Echo icon theme as ready to use with kde and gnome, is built on
2006-08-29. As you can see from EchoDevelopment¹, a lot of icons have
been added.

I just downloaded it and installed it. I found it very polished already,
nice work.
However, in Evolution, i think that in the "reply", "reply to all", "forward" and the "send/receive" icon button should have bigger arrows,
so as to be able to know at first sight to which direction the arrow is
pointing to. I can add as well that the guys on the "reply to all" icon
are not that visible enough as well.

I provide feedbacks in other mails if I have something to add.


Thanks again, Leon, for putting this into a package.

Thomas...Great suggestions. I've actually got a few similar feedback about the mail icons. I'll try to make the arrows larger...or maybe eliminate the "letter" and just have the arrows. Within the context of a mail client, the letter is probably redundant.
Thanks guys...

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