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RE: Echo Update

There's been some question as to whether Echo should be included in FC6. I was >told this afternoon that Echo will not be the default icon theme in FC6. While >we've made a lot of progress in the last four weeks, the coverage is still lacking >and almost all of the 16x16 (+many of the 24x24) versions are still missing. It >will, however, be included in Extras for those that are interested.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that's contributed to the Echo project...in graphics, >code, and/or feedback. It's progressed so much since I sent my first email about >the wiki...a mere 27 days ago. From my 75 icons, it's grown to well over 200. >Yeay!

Work will continue on the icon theme...now aiming for the next release.


I am really glad echo theme will be on Extras repository so we can get feedback and tune the icons as well. Since you started the project, there are in total six artists working hand to hand.

We still have work to do and we can complete Echo.

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