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Re: Help with New Default Theme for FC 6 and the plan for FC7+

Hi all...

Today I will be ...experimenting...
1. trying out some variations with just the c6re image + fedora logo. 2. and testing out a few styles for the DNA strands 3. if I have time, I might try combining the two elements as shown in Máirín's banner to see how well it might work in other screen (like the log-in and whatnot). My thoughts right now is that the combination might make the screen look too busy and crowded...but ya never know.

I will be posting them here [1] for anyone that might be interested.

These are just quick mockups...touchups will be done later after the ideas are explored. If you are inspired or have comments feel free to post. It'll be constantly changing throughout the night so...check periodically.

[1] http://people.redhat.com/dfong/fc6reGraphics/syslinux-splash02.png

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Here's the wiki page to work on the DNA theme:

Here's the wiki page to wrok on the c6re theme:


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