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Re: Help with New Default Theme for FC 6 and the plan for FC7+

Diana Fong wrote:

After FC6, we should work to better structure the information available and the joining/submission process. Our newcomers could be even be our guide in this endeavor. While various themes can still be submitted, I was thinking at the beginning of each distribution, we could come up with a subject to which submissions would be based on. The focus can then be changed for 8, 9, and so on...but this will keep a basic idea but still be new, interesting, and challenging for the artists.

Yep. Just sort out something within the team here.

If you are using the logo in the artwork, please submit it to the board for approval. The logo is part of our Fedora trademark and we need to legally protect it or risk losing it. We have been discussing using more freely licensed alternative logos among other things since the current situation is obviously not a healthy one.

I've heard mention of this for awhile now...how is the alternative logo going? I am a little hesitant about having two logos...I worry about confusion and also brand dilution, will they look similar or vastly different? Sorry if you've already covered this...I haven't been keeping up with the alternate logo conversation.

Oh, We havent decided that we need to go with a alternative logo and like you said there might be confusion and brand dilution but the alternative is to police every usage of the logo. That doesnt sound like a attractive choice either. We cant create a good community using and promoting Fedora by doing that. Similar issues with our trademark guidelines in general too. Hard problem really.

We have had several discussions in the Fedora Advisory Board. You can read through the archives or subscribe to the read only list to follow future discussions.



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