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Icon Naming Spec

Hello All,

My name is Diana, and I am currently heading the Echo icon set effort...which has adopted the Tango naming scheme. We've now created several icons that do not currently exist in the Tango set and so the creators try to name it as best we understand the naming scheme. I've been contacted a couple of times to change the names of some icons and have gladly done so. Please check out our gallery [1] and let us know of which needs to be renamed and to what. I'd also like for some direction for myself as well as other contributors to follow for new icons we will be making in the future. Should a new email be sent each time a new icon is made that has not been named?
I am currently aware of:

drive-cdrom -> drive-optical
media-cdrom -> media-optical
media-dvd   -> drive-optical-dvd

drive-harddisk-1394 -> drive-harddisk-ieee1394

drive-removable-1394 -> drive-removable-media-ieee1394
drive-removable-usb  -> drive-removable-media-usb


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/EchoDevelopment

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