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Re: FC7 Theme Round 1 is over, let's start round 2! (was Re: Round 1 Submission Deadline Extension)

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

I've also took a lot of the round 1 specific information out of the page and added round 2 specific information. Basically, here's how I'm hoping we can run round 2 as is written on the wiki page:

You should also set a deadline for round 2.
I guess we can allow one or even two months for this round. One month probably is not enough considering the vacancy around winter holidays, two months may be too long considering Fedora's development cycle.

Excellent point, Nicu. The schedule for FC7 (or whichever it will be called ;-) ) isn't set yet [1] but we can be pretty certain it will be a spring release. FC6 went out late October - if we add 6 months we get late April. I think we should allow at *least* a month for round 3 (finalizing all the artwork for the various theme pieces).

I'm going to set Monday, February 12 as the due date for all theme rendering / artwork improvements for round 2. That give us a little over 2 months, to account for the holidays, to get round 2 done. It also gives us at least 1 month to break the theme out into the various pieces (login, anaconda, grub, etc.) we need and to get it into a test release and gives us some time to apply fixes/modifications before final release.

I'll add the due date to the FC 7 Theme page.


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Core/Schedule

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