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Re: FC7 Theme Round 1 is over, let's start round 2!

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

Well, I think there are some working on Echo. I'm not really involved in that, though. I think I've mentioned before I like some of Andy Fitzsimon's ideas around using Tango as an upstream and applying styles to it [1].

Sorry for being so blunt: Andy's idea look very cool on paper, but do you have realistic expectation of it being implemented in due time even for FC 8?

It depends. It would necessitate us getting involved with Tango and treating them as an upstream. What really needs to happen:

(1) Small modifications to Inkscape's UI to make it easier to label layers/shapes/outlines with metadata we can use in the Fedora stylesheet.

(2) Working with Andy & the Tango folks, coming up with a naming spec for the various icon elements so that we know how to label them and so that new icons creating in Tango will be labeled properly.

(3) Development of a stylesheet to apply Fedora-style changes to Tango.

(4) (This is the gruntwork/manual labor part that will take a while) - Going through the existing Tango icons and labeling them properly, doing any cleanup work necessary.

Well, if we are going this route, just replace the prominent dozen icons in Tango themes with a Fedora look and feel and we get something available for release within a week at max. Later do what Andy wants to do.


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