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Re: Fedora Release Graphics Specs

Hello Diana,

Diana Fong wrote:
Its content is similar to that of the ThemingOverview page, but I hesitated to overwrite it as it contained brief sections on Metacity and GTK which I chose not to cover. The reasoning being that they do not change per release nor are they really effected by the subject/look chosen for the release (though they could). Thinking ahead, and if there are no objections, I'd like to revamp the ThemingOverview wiki to link to ReleaseGraphics, thus clearing the overlapped information, and further expand the list to include such specs for screensavers and other themable graphics that are not necessarily tied to each release design subject.

Thank you for putting this information together in one place and making it available. It would probably be nice to link to ReleaseGraphics from the front Artwork page - I didn't see it there.

Some issues with the information:

1. 'File Name + Extension:' - You should include the full path of the image so people know where to place it when they're testing their images. Just the filename isn't that helpful.

2. We really need information on how to test each graphic. I know how to do a few of these so I'll write them up - maybe it would be better to have a separate page for each type of graphic with an index page linking them and detailed testing information for each.

3. 'File Name + Extension: background.png + gdm' This isn't actually correct. GDM themes are more complicated than this. The theme is actually an XML file in /usr/share/gdm/themes/$THEME_NAME that references images, and the name of the XML file & image names and filepaths can be rather arbitrary.

4. Should probably take out the screensaver lock dialogs information since I don't believe those are open for graphic design anymore. The sprites can certainly be modified though.

5. Since a new page was started from scratch rather than using the old one with all the history info, you might also want to give credit to the folks who wrote the information on ThemingOverview as I see some of it on here (eg. the GDM testing information.) Myself, Andy Shellam, and Rahul all contributed to that page as well.


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