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Re: Fedora Release Graphics Specs

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Some issues with the information:

1. 'File Name + Extension:' - You should include the full path of the image so people know where to place it when they're testing their images. Just the filename isn't that helpful.

2. We really need information on how to test each graphic. I know how to do a few of these so I'll write them up - maybe it would be better to have a separate page for each type of graphic with an index page linking them and detailed testing information for each.

I just added testing information for the anaconda splash screen and firstboot as well as the image location info for the anaconda splash and firstboot images. I don't know how to test out the anaconda splash screen, just a little bit on info on how to convert the graphic to the right format, so that information isn't complete yet.


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