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Re: Fedora Release Graphics Specs

Diana Fong wrote:
Any help would be greatly appreciated. However, please let me know prior to posting it on the wiki so I can double check the information with our engineers here. Thanks.

The information I posted there comes directly from the GDM and firstboot maintainers from when I wrote the FC5 GDM theme and when I was involved in the QA effort testing RHEL 5 Beta. I work directly with these engineers on a regular basis. Thanks for the offer, though. It is not needed, however. :)

3. 'File Name + Extension: background.png + gdm' This isn't actually correct. GDM themes are more complicated than this. The theme is actually an XML file in /usr/share/gdm/themes/$THEME_NAME that references images, and the name of the XML file & image names and filepaths can be rather arbitrary.

To help expand upon this section, I've included a link to http://www.jirka.org/gdm-documentation/x1454.html for more information. A cursory glance at the page indicates it to be informative...however, if you find a more recent/better page, please let me know.

The official GDM documentation is a better resource and I can add that link.

4. Should probably take out the screensaver lock dialogs information since I don't believe those are open for graphic design anymore. The sprites can certainly be modified though.

I would like to keep the information available as the option to theme the lock dialog image is still there and request for its consideration was brought up during FC6.

And turned down. There are a number of usability issues that theming the lock dialog bring about. We want a usable desktop first, then a 'pretty' one.

However, as mentioned before, the Lock dialog as well as the GNOME splash screen are turned off by default (fwiw).

Because of the usability issues.


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