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Re: Fedora Release Graphics Specs

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Mon, 2006-12-11 at 15:07 -0500, Diana Fong wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
4. Should probably take out the screensaver lock dialogs information since I don't believe those are open for graphic design anymore. The sprites can certainly be modified though.
I would like to keep the information available as the option to theme the lock dialog image is still there and request for its consideration was brought up during FC6. However, as mentioned before, the Lock dialog as well as the GNOME splash screen are turned off by default (fwiw).

I'd really miss this if it were gone, but hey, I'm just one guy.  I turn
mine back on with the gconf key to see the DNA goodness. :-)

Well, besides the obvious usability issues, the fact is that screensaver lock dialogs are actually something that folks keen to security issues kind of worry about. If a screensaver lock dialog isn't the standard design of the rest of the gui, it kind of sends off signals that maybe it's a phishing scam or some kind of program set up to snag your password.

Having one standard, usable, *accessible* dialog that expands properly to fit long usernames (firstname.lastname is a common username scheme and did not fit in the fc5 lock dialog at least) is really what people expect to see, won't freak anybody out, may be less spoofable, and is less likely to cause usability or accessibility issues since it's using the standard widgets and the buttons/widgets are the standard ones that people recognize and have learned to interact with.

One thing I think might be cool to expand on though, that's in a similar vein but maybe doesn't have quite the risk is the GNOME 'About Me' dialog - if we had a set of Fedora-themed avatars and maybe came up with a face-browser GDM theme along with the standard one for FC7. We have enough time to plan that out.


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