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Re: more natural colors

On 11/12/06, Mike Chalmers <mikechalmers70 gmail com> wrote:
By the way, Red Hat has always taken the unnatural path. With colors
like silver, red, and black. What is the deal?

seawolf wrote:
> I think that's a more business-like approach, silver and black suit
> that very well and that particular tone of red is the vibrancy which a
> cutting-edge/buzzword company needs for it's image.
> That's my two pence, anyway.

Red Hat certainly uses red and black in its logo and web design but I'm not sure what in particular you're referencing with silver.

I don't think the colors themselves are natural or unnatural (don't even get me started on deconstructing the term 'natural' lol) - I think it's more the entire palette of colors together that give the overall feeling of being of nature or not. For any color you could list I'm sure something close to it occurs in nature (whether or not the color's connotation is one of 'nature'): red is the color of many fruit - apples, strawberries, cherries, raspberries; black is the color of the sky on a very dark night, charcoal, and the color many trees appear in the winter against a bright white sky; and silver is the color that predominates spider webs.

I think a lot of the themes we've got proposed have natural-looking palettes - a lot are focused on the night sky, with various shades of light and deep blue.


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