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Re: more natural colors

Hi Mike,

On 12/12/06, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:
I think a lot of the themes we've got proposed have natural-looking
palettes - a lot are focused on the night sky, with various shades of
light and deep blue.

Mike Chalmers wrote:
The colors I speak of, are natural colors of pure life, trees and
grass and earth. Not fire, metallic water, futuristic technological
designs, lustful colors, metallic trees, stuff like that. Red Hat is
definitely unnatural colors as is Fedora. I think if we think about it
we can realize that, especially as artist.

Things like blue metallic water, for example, compared to regular blue
water is incomparable. Or metallic silver trees compared to green leaf
trees or leaves in the fall.

How about the blue night skies in some of our FC7 mockups?

There is no way you can say the Red Hat's colors are natural if you
think about it. You can't just name any color and say it is natural
because it looks like red on trees. There is a big difference.

I'm not really following. I don't think it's fair to say the color red is unnatural in all cases so hopefully I am misunderstanding you there?

Certainly you can talk about a color's treatment in the context of a color palette or its usage in a piece of artwork as being unnatural or not. Even if you restate it in that way, however, I would still argue Red Hat's treatment of the color red is certainly not predominantly 'unnatural'. Other words come to mind ('bold' since it's bright and attention-grabbing, 'different' as most tech companies go silver or blue) but I really can't say 'unnatural' comes to mind. Not that RH's graphic design is something we really have any say over in the Fedora art team :)

I think you may be on to some helpful critique here that we could apply to our FC7 artwork. To make an effective case here, however, and provide us with more useful feedback you really need to cite specific examples and qualify some of the statements you are making as they come across as somewhat vague to me. E.g., *which* Fedora artwork looks 'unnatural' to you? (provide links to screenshots or mockups) Why exactly? What parts of each piece communicate 'unnatural' to you?

Fedora's colors remind me of the movies The Matrix.

I am not knocking Fedora, I love it. It just hurts me that the colors
aren't used to a more natural earthy approach.

Mike, I think I'm understanding you a bit more but I wish you could provide more specific feedback. :)

What about the theme mockups I cited doesn't come across as natural to you? I'm really confused:

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighPOC?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=wallpaper-moonlight2.png

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fc7ThemeProposalFlyingHighPOC?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=flyinghigh-moonlight.png


Do you think any of these appears unnatural? Why, specifically? It can't just be the colors - there's a lot more that gives a piece of artwork its feel than the specific colors in it, you know? What does each one remind you of that isn't unnatural? Why?

Blue is a color that appears quite often in nature. If you would like to see themes that use a particular palette you like (you mention grass and earth a lot - green and brown - rather than the sky which is in fact blue when we are lucky :) ) then there's certainly nothing stopping you from taking some of the proposals we have on the table right now and experimenting with different color palettes in them. But I don't really think it's quite accurate to sweepingly judge all Fedora (and Red Hat for that matter) artwork as 'unnatural' based on the names of the colors involved rather than the treatment of the colors in them. Like I said above, it would be more fair to cite specific examples.

While the Fedora logo's colors won't be changing anytime soon, we can most certainly investigate non-blue options as far as the color palette for the theme artwork goes.


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