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Re: RHGB Help

seawolf wrote:
is the correct one,

Colour2 ::  the RGB is 00/32/68 and the Hex is #002044
Colour2 ::  the RGB is 00/37/77 and the Hex is #00254D.

On 13/12/06, John Baer <baerjj gmail com> wrote:
I see from Diana's document the background color for the RHGB screen is
derived from the First Boot screen.

Does anyone know the values (HEX) of color01 & color02 ?

Hello John and Seawolf,

Minor clarifications.
- Colour1 is #002044...and therefore...Colour2 is #00254D.
- This section is slightly confusing and so I'd like to clarify that as RHGB is before FirstBoot...the background color (Color02) chosen in RHGB will be the same one (Color02) in FirstBoot. The result is identical to what you've mentioned, they both use the same Color02. However it might be useful to note the order to help understand where the color is coming from and how we might utilize the color transition if a different color could be set for FirstBoot in the future (I filed a bug [1] about this a few weeks ago).

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=216217

Red Hat
Visual Designer | Desktop Group

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