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Re: RHGB Help

John Baer wrote:
Diana & Seawolf,
Thanks for the info. That's exactly what I needed.

Diana, an additional question?
Is there a chance the RHGB code can be changed to accommodate alternate images styles?

John, I forwarded your question to my desktop team lead for technical input and here's what I got...

mclasen: In general, it is possible to change the way rhgb handles the images,
mclasen: but it means patching the rhgb source code.
mclasen: That is certainly more likely to happen if theme proposals are accompanied by a suitable rhgb patch...

My general advice, therefore, would be to creatively design within the specifications designated by the current rhgb source code. However, if you feel strongly about your design (12/12) and have the programming ability...alternate image styles are definitely possible.

Red Hat
Visual Designer | Desktop Group

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