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Re: Fedora Release Graphics Specs

David Zeuthen wrote:
It would be good to consider a GDM theme that work with a face browser [1] as fast-user-switching is on the radar for Fedora 7 including thoughts of a patch to enable face browsing by default if, and only if, there is less than say, five non-system users available.

That would be cool.

Also, we should probably consider if enabling accessible login [2] has any implications for the artwork. I'd suspect that Insert+S might be used to bring up the screen reader for example. Perhaps that could be hinted in the artwork. Or maybe not. Something to consider.

Yeh I talked to Brian Cameron about this and our GDM themes in the past have had quite a few accessibility issues in his opinion - I have an idea of the stuff he suggested we need; I will have to sit down, write it up, and run it by him.

Also, for live CD I'm considering booting the live CD into gdm such that

 o The user can choose his language and keyboard layout there
   (right now only the language can be used)

 o The user can enable Assistive Technologies such as

   - screen reader (orca)
   - magnifier
   - on screen keyboard

   by using what gdm calls "gestures"

but am not entirely sure about this yet. Perhaps the live CD thus deserves it's own special login screen that users icons rather than text as we don't know the users language ahead of time. Thoughts?

Sounds like an interesting problem. You might be ok as long as the language selection widget was really obvious with a really clear icon.

As a closing point it might be interesting to consider GL Bling too, see e.g. some plans Ubuntu has


Pretty nice. The username/pass fields on the screen at the same time wouldn't work though, right?


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