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Re: [FC7 theme proposal] Flying High with Fedora 7 - Round 2

David Zeuthen wrote:
On Tue, 2006-12-19 at 08:56 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
John Baer wrote:
Posted some additional artwork submissions to the round 2 page.

Just for fun I made an Open Office and Gimp splash screen.
Question: do we want customized splash screens for such applications?
- the splash for OpenOffice.org was customized for a while (around FC2-FC3) in the Bluecurve style.;
- the GIMP splash was never (AFAIK) customized in RHL/Fedora;
- in the current FC6 the Eclipse splash is customized ("Fedora Eclipse") but is not related at all to the rest of the desktop theming.

I don't think we should be changing the Gimp and Open Office's splash screens - those products have their own brand identity. I do think, though, there are other themeable bits we should definitely look into - e.g., the default 'you've got webserver!' html for when you first setup apache on a Fedora system, or if we're going with a face browser, the default avatars available for people to choose from.

I think we should avoid theming splash screens because

 a) splash screens are generally not themeable; hence

    a1) extra work for package owners for patching it in - including
        all the work communicating with said maintainers; and

Right, we should definitely consider the amount of extra work involved for package maintainers. Although if we can provide our own patches, it's not really much of a load, correct?

 b) some applications take pride in their splash screen and branding
    it might be considered offensive. For example this applies to
    The Gimp where there's, IIRC, a competition for splash screens

Are we required to create one for Eclipse for various reasons? (I don't actually know, I just assumed so.) If not is there a reason we can't use the upstream one? Or at least clean up the current Fedora-themed one?

 c) many developers (including most people working on Fedora) generally
    consider splash screens to be bad; instead applications should just
    start up really fast.


 d) splash screens are only shown for 1) a short time (if at all); and
    2) only when launching specific apps; so, at least to the
    cost/benefit of doing splash screens isn't really justified

I don't think it can be argued that they will go unnoticed. The Gimp and OOo are definitely widely-used apps. If it was deemed important for Fedora branding purposes (which I don't agree it is, but w/e) it wouldn't be a waste of effort.


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