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Re: GTK2 Roundabout

* Máirín Duffy (2006-12-20 02:17 -0500) said:
> May I ask why?
> It shouldn't be based on looks since Clearlooks can achieve the same
> effects...

I just checked its cvs repository, looks like it is getting some
attention these days.

Take the vertical scroll bar for example:

For a long time, all clearlooks based gtk2 themes have the same
vertical scroll bar (that's in FC4). Then it became capable of
changing color (as in FC5). My feeling is that Clearlooks is a dated
slow inflexible theme engine. OpenSUSE Ubuntu and Mandrake, none of
them are using it. Now there is a better alternative, I see no reason
not to change.

The best theme package is from RH8¹ for its unique gtk metacity and
icon themes. Even today, there are still many upstream screenshots one
can instantly recognizes that they are taken in RH/Fedora Linux. And I
think this is a great marketing opportunity. But for the past 4 years,
no significant change has been made to Fedora's theme and you can see
more and more screenshots are taken on those distributions that do
take the trouble to get a consistent and pretty look.

On the technical comparison of clearlooks and Murrine, Cimi, could you
show us the merits of Murrine?

¹  http://itpro.no/omtaler.php?op=Programvare&id=158
Leo <sdl.web AT gmail.com>                         (GPG Key: 9283AA3F)

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