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Re: Fedora 7 Art Plan (was Art Team FC7 Progress So Far - Community Feedback)

David Zeuthen wrote:

On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 23:39 -0500, Máirín Duffy wrote:

(So.. it's a bit ironic you just said in the other mail just earlier
this evening "this is a community project!" and now refer to a deadline
*you* set...

Well, Mairin proposed a plan for Round 2, *I* asked for a deadline, Mairin said a date and nobody objected. It sounds like a community process to me...

If you ask me, I think what is needed is an individual, a benevolent
dictator if you like, that sets the direction and facilitates community
contributions. There's an expression along the lines of "too many cooks
ruin the meal" [1] and I think especially for visuals it's very true. If
you look at John's mail I think it echoes this need too... a need for a
project maintainer / coordinator.

Under what authority?

It seems to me somewhat that you're turning this into a fight over power
and who gets to call the shots. Most projects in our Fedora universe
have maintainers and leaders; why is it any different for artwork and
why should it be a problem?

Please refer to this Fedora board meeting:

[Mon Nov 20 2006] [12:06:58] <mspevack> topic 1 -- art. Leadership needs to be defined [Mon Nov 20 2006] [12:07:06] <mspevack> clearly the two largest leaders have been Maureen Duffy and Diana Fong [Mon Nov 20 2006] [12:07:37] <mspevack> there was a conversation last week with Diana in which she offered to put together some policy and structure around the use of people who are doing mockups, ideas, etc. of the Fedora Mark. [Mon Nov 20 2006] [12:08:09] <warren> mspevack, I recall Maureen did quite a bit of work related to that in the past. was she in the discussion? [Mon Nov 20 2006] [12:08:42] <mspevack> What the Board wants to do is identify one person who can be the clear leader of the art project. Max will talk with Maureen and Diana both, make sure they are on the same page, see who wants to do what, etc.

So yes, everyone agrees about Fedora Art needing leadership but AFAIK there was no resolution yet. Or it was decided and we, the one who should be lead were not informed about it...

p.s. : somewhat off-topic.. however a bit on-topic for this.. it's
interesting to look at other distributions, for example did you see what
happened to Ubuntu's artwork during their last release?

Or it could be the other way: contributors unhappy with the leadership starting to pursue different venues for the time being.

Note: my position should not be read as being against the FlyingHigh theme.

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