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Re: Fedora 7 Art Plan (was Art Team FC7 Progress So Far - Community Feedback)

Joachim Frieben wrote:
The FlyingHigh theme [2] proposed by John Baer has the greatest potential and interest. Time is short and there is still more exploration I would like to see within the theme so I'm declaring this the official theme for Fedora 7.
Under what authority?

I'm a mere user only but I want to express my clear support for the "Borealis" theme proposal.

I think what we are talking about is not a specific theme but the *process* of selecting the theme and the *authority* governing the process.

Maybe there should be a poll or similar.

There is a kind of poll: the voters are the contributors to the project and the voting method is contributing in some way to a proposal or another.

And please do not respond by bullying me to contribute make "FlyingHigh" an "even better" theme.

Nope, if you like "Borealis", contribute to make *it* a better theme :p

Even a mere user has the right to make a statement only which is a legitimate way of contributing, too.

Sure, constructive feedback and meaningful comments are valid contributions.

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