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Re: [Fwd: [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Artwork/ReleaseGraphics" by DianaFong]

Hello Diana,

Diana Fong wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
May I ask *why* we now have two pages for essentially the same thing?

As per my original email in introducing the ReleaseGraphics page [1], I believe paragraph three explains: 1) my creation of a new page, 2) why I had not overwritten the ThemingOverview page, and 3) a proposal for what the ThemingOverview page could be for. Nobody objected, rather...Rahul commented that it made sense [2], and you yourself suggested linking it to the front Artwork page [3].

Hope this clarifies any misunderstandings.

I hate to say it really doesn't. Those don't explain why you would take a wiki page that is nearly a year old (and likely has internal and external links pointing to it), duplicate and modify its content, and fail to credit those who created the original content and actually take full credit for the content itself. To your points:

1) ThemingOverview was already available and already had that information. Why not just improve ThemingOverview?

2) Why not rearrange the information or move it to another page? It would make sense to have release-specific and non-release specific sections on the page.

3) You want to revamp ThemingOverview to link to a new page that was created just like it, and replace the ThemingOverview content with information that doesn't have to do with the theming for a release. Why? Why not create the new page with the additional information, move the non release-specific theming information to that page, and then link them together?

Here are the reasons I merged the two pages back together:

1) All the information in one place for contributors so it's easy to find and use.

2) All of the historical information on contribution to the page is in the page history which started close to a year ago. The other page was newer and had far fewer edits to preserve.

3) It's the older page so any external links that pointed to it will still be able to find the information.

I hope this clarifies why I merged the two pages together, hoping the content could live at the older URL and why I was disappointed to see the other page spring up again.


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