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Community Feedback on Theme Work so far (part 2)

Hey folks,

So we still continue to get feedback on what we came up with for round 1, both in my blog post and in Fedora Forum. Here's a recap:

1) Fedora Forum Feedback

Martin Sourada created a poll on the different submissions we had at the end of round 1 (based on the blog post (see #2 below). By far the top two were Planet and Borealis:


There also seem to be some concerns about the themes appearing 'child-like', and 'not professional enough'. (I did let folks know that the images they were looking at were rough conceptual art and that we're in the process of refinement.)

2) Blog Post Feedback

I announced round 2 of the theme process in my blog (which the Fedora News article linked to) and as a result we're still getting tons of replies:


The feedback is very very strongly for planet. People really seem to like the idea: "The image really reflects the vast possibility of the Fedora Project." "Im with the Fedora Planet because it punches the most meaningful theme to the user. Looking at it, the first thing that came out in my mind about fedora for its background that flashes the infinite spaces that unknown to us which exactly as same as the fedora's logo itself. The planet which fedora's logo in it also mark the global fedora which means that it will someday be the most OS uses in the world or far beyond."

Another thing mentioned in the replies here are mashing up the different submissions - eg. 'justnerds' suggested:

"This may be impractical, but what about taking a couple of the other themes (planet, borealis), and putting them on the balloons in the Flying High wallpaper/theme." and "there may be a synergy by combining Planet & Flying High."

We got feedback that FC6 was too dark and that FC7's theme should be lighter. "I LOVE the light blue... it looks more friendly than the dark one, which is in FC6..."

We also got more feedback on a more 'natural' theme - "i think that the right is put just "natural images", no cars, and airplanes, and "high-tech" stuff, 'cause there are people that won't like of this, like me"

Anyway, these are what I got out of the feedback. Feel free to take a look at the feedback directly and let's discuss what you got out of it and where we should go based on it!


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