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Re: Who is Our Target Audience

John Baer wrote:

I've been working under an assumption as to who our target audience is
but in the world of project management every assumption should be stated
so that it can be agreed to.

Before defining "our audience", let define who is "us". The entire Fedora project or the Art sub-project?
Are we talking about the current audience or about the desired audience?
I think the desired audience may not be the same as the current one and the shiny surface ("Art") is one of the means to change this.

In my mind the target audience for Fedora is an individual who's life
style would include the Internet, mobile music player, multi media, and
a cell phone.

The general impression among independent observers seems to be that Fedora is geared more toward developers, less to users.
From the inside, one can see great efforts to change this.

Is this the audience we should be crafting art toward? I also assume the
business side of Fedora is really RHEL.

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