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Re: Any theme planned for FC 6

Rahul wrote:
Andy Shellam wrote:
Hi Leon,

I agree with you - would do good to see some fresh changes to the complete UI of Fedora. I don't about you, but in my opinion, the Bluecurve theme reminds me too much of Windows, especially the red "X" in one of the sub-themes - it's just Windows XP revamped, and I didn't switch to Fedora to remind me of Windows ;-)

It couldnt be XP revamped because BlueCurve is older.

The truth is Bluecurve was introduced in RHL 8, released in september 2002, about one year *after* the release of Windows XP.

But the original poster is wrong, the Bluecurve from 2002 was different compared with Bluecurve from 2006 and not looking at all like Windows XP.

That being said, I agree Bluecurve is dated but also realize the time until FC6 release does not permit much else than some small tweaks. Development of a full icon set will take a much longer time and AFAIK we don't have yet a clear direction to go.

About the list being silent this month, I can see a lot of possible reasons: summer, vacancies, GUADEC

Now, with Windows Vista coming forth shortly, I wouldn't say no to alpha blending and a good deal more visual effects :)

I posted a message on here a while back to ask how to customise the boot-loader screens but got not one single reply :( eventually I figured it out on my own, looks like there's very few art gurus who are willing to bring the discussions out into the public domain.

Ah well, and so we wait...

This list is about creating artwork. Customising boot loader screens are a implementation detail this list doesnt focus on.

I found his question about the boot-loader screens very on-topic, but unfortunately did not knew the answer. Too bad that after finding the answer he did not post here to answer, to have it archived as a future reference...

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