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Re: Any theme planned for FC 6

Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> writes:

> Nicu Buculei wrote:
>> That being said, I agree Bluecurve is dated but also realize the
>> time until FC6 release does not permit much else than some small
>> tweaks. Development of a full icon set will take a much longer time
>> and AFAIK we don't have yet a clear direction to go.
>> About the list being silent this month, I can see a lot of possible
>> reasons: summer, vacancies, GUADEC
> Yep, I've been at GUADEC and since then have been trying to catch up
> on the work I missed that week. ;-) Sorry everybody. :)

Great to see you back:-) How's GUADEC?

>> I found his question about the boot-loader screens very on-topic,
>> but unfortunately did not knew the answer.
>> Too bad that after finding the answer he did not post here to
>> answer, to have it archived as a future reference...
> Good idea! I didn't respond because I similarly did not know the answer.
> ~m


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