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Re: Themeing GRUB (was Re: Any theme planned for FC 6)

Hi Andy,

Andy Shellam wrote:
I'd tried that - I'd found the same tutorial in various different versions across the Net. It might help to know that the image I created was in GIMP 2.2.11, developed on both an FC5 and Windows XP system under GIMP (I believe the tutorial was on GIMP 1.x so I'm not sure if file formats have changed or anything silly like that.) I'd edited the original splash.xpm.gz image from Fedora, indexed it to 14 colours, and saved back to a splash.xpm.gz image in the original location (/boot/grub I believe.)

Did you gunzip the splash.xpm.gz file, edit in the gimp, save as xpm, and then gzip the xpm?

All I could get Grub to do was display a black screen with white text (even restoring the original image didn't make any difference.) I'd tried editing the menu.lst file to point to a different image - no joy.

I'd also tried creating a new image, 640x480, filling it in solid red, indexing to 14 colours - but even that didn't show.

If need be I could send the image for someone to take a look at?

Please - feel free to send it via email attachment to the list or upload it somewhere and post the link.

P.S. to Diana: I hadn't said you were unwilling to discuss, I was just commenting that no-one had replied - in fact, before Leon's post, there's been no messages from anyone about anything on here :P lol.

? This mailing list has been around for a few months and there's been more discussion than that.


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