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Re: Fedora Core 6 Theme Update

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hey Everybody,

So some of you may have seen the quite famous by now :) Gentle Gnome GTK/metacity mockups that Bert Bruggeman created [1].

How does everybody feel about the possibility of using a look like this as the default theme for FC 6? Arthurva Gore has put together a pixmap GTK theme that matches Bert's mockups pretty closely, and there are a lot of Clearlooks metacity themes that work well with the theme.

I like the window border but I am not a fan of metallic grey menus with distinctive block edges. I find it reminiscent of the old drab GNOME 1.x themes. This theme is very distinctive unlike the usual blue which means that people would actually notice it and would like to have strong opinions about it on either directions.

I also think that the "bubble" them and the uniformity of it across everything in FC5 was pretty nice though we could improve that in say window border where it makes sense.

How about we refresh the look and feel (grub splash, rhgb, gdm, background, openoffice.org template, window spaces) for every release that evolves around a different entity like a bubble each time. We can be more evolutionary with the window manager theme and icons though having a distinctive and bold look is representative of Fedora IMO.


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